Sharing a little handmade kindness

Hello there!

Lately I've really taken a shine to Jennifer McGuire's Share Handmade Kindness challenge.  If you haven't checked it out, you definitely need to. It is such a feel good challenge, whether you win a prize or not! I've been thoroughly enjoying decorating envelopes and visiting my local post office!

I wanted to wait until my first recipients received their cards to share and since I just got notification from one, I thought I'd jump on here and do so.

One of my first recipients is my mom because well, really, she's the person I should thank most in this world but also because she's pretty awesome. I don't get to see her as often since she moved cross-country but we keep up with each other via video chats on the regular.

To create this card, I ink blended some yellows and oranges over a stencil and stamped the sending hugs with black ink. I grounded my sentiment with a strip of black card stock, matted my face and mounted it all on some thick weight white cardstock.

Unfortunately the sparkle from the sequins hasn't come through in these pics but believe me, it's there. 

Well, that's #1... I'll share the next as soon as she receives it! And now I'm off to start week 2... Sharing handmade kindness with those who work in and serve my neighborhood. I've got a couple people right off the bat who are on my list for this and I can't wait to share some handmade kindness with them!

Wishing you a beautiful afternoon/evening filled with lighter and crafty time.



  1. Lolo that is gorgeous! I love the colours and using the stencil is inspired. Bet you she loved it. Xx


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